International Festival of Solo Performers of Contemporary Dance
October 26-27, 2019


- Directorate of the Open CA Creative Action Platform "TOP CA"

- Kainar Yaroslav and Kristina Shishkaryova

- Modern Dance Platform

Financial Terms

Soloist Participation in the Competition Program

- first price - 50 EUR * - till 5 October 00:00

- the second price - 65 EUR * - from 5 October

* Charity Contribution, full amount, is made by account in UAH, at the interbank rate as of the date of payment of the deposit.
Charitable contributions are accepted until 5 October 00:00 at the first price, after 5 October at the last price.

Attach the payment receipt in the registration form. You can send the soundtrack to mail by [email protected] The soundtrack must be signed by Last Name First name - solo name - from the dot or not.
Signing the registration form is an automatic agreement to all the terms of the contest.

If the competition is canceled, the organizers will refund the full contribution.
If a participant cancels his / her participation after payment and submission, only 50% of the fee will be refunded.